Berita Ahok Fitnah Peserta 411 DIBAYAR 500 Ribu Dihapus ABC?

Sebuah situs asal Indonesai sempat mengabarkan bahwa berita yang berisi wawancara eksklusif Gubernur DKI Jakarta nonaktif Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) dengan Samantha Hawley, seorang jurnalis Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), telah dihapus oleh pihak ABC.

Namun ternyata saat berita ini ditulis, laman tersebut tetap dapat diakses dan video juga tidak mengalami proses pengeditan.

Harus diakui, narasi yang dikembangkan pihak ABC tidak jujur mengungkap bahwa Aksi Akbar  411 berjalan damai dan tertib hingga waktu maghrib.

Sekelompok mahasiswa yang dituding membuat onar pun sudah dibebaskan berkat kegigihan Prof. Mohammad Mahfud MD.

Berkali-kali ABC memosisikan Ahok sebagai kaum minoritas dari sisi etnik dan agama. Sebuah pembingkaian yang cukup fatal bagi warga Internasional yang sama sekali tidak mengenal sepak terjang Ahok.

ABC juga menelan bulat-bulat pernyataan Ahok yang mengklaim dirinya bersih, tidak koruptif. ABC lalai menghadirkan fakta-fakta tentang lahan Sumber Waras, lahan Cengkareng, proyek reklamasi yang sarat kepentingan cukong.

ABC juga abai pada fakta bahwa kawasan pecinan yang berjarak cukup dekat dari lokasi Aksi Damai sama sekali tak diusik oleh para peserta Aksi. Padahal bila mereka mau, 2 juta peserta bukanlah jumlah yang sedikit untuk memorakporandakan sebuah kawasan niaga.

Pembingkaian secara serampangan oleh ABC ini sempat dikhawatirkan memicu kembali amarah umat yang saat ini sudah dalam situsi cukup kondusif.

Berikut transkrip video yang menggegerkan khalayak Indonesia.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY, REPORTER: Downtown Jakarta, November 4. More than 100,000 Muslims, led by hardline groups, take to the streets.

After dark, a protest morphs into a riot. With a new dawn, an uneasy calm returns to the same streets.

The question is, how long will it last in a flourishing but still maturing democracy?

Jakarta, a city of 10 million people, has arrived at a crossroad.

This is the man at the centre of the controversy, the Governor of Jakarta, never elected but elevated to a position so powerful, it launched his predecessor Joko Widodo into the presidency.

The protesters accuse Ahok, as he is widely known, of an age-old criminal charge of blasphemy, of insulting the Koran.

That he is Christian and ethnic Chinese has only inflamed their anger. 7.30 is granted exclusive access inside his modest campaign headquarters and a rare sit-down interview.

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA, JAKARTA GOVERNOR: How come I want to blasphemy the Islam, I am not stupid. 85 percent of my voters are Islam and Muslim.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: So if it is not blasphemy...

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA: I don't know. We have to wait for the police decision.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Should the police be investigating?


SAMANTHA HAWLEY: This is what police are investigating. Uploaded on YouTube, seen by millions - Ahok questioning why his opponents use verse 51 of the Koran to argue the faithful cannot vote for a non-Muslim.

TRANSLATION: Maybe in your heart you think you couldn't vote for me, but you are being lied to by using Alma Ida 51.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: A comment taken so seriously the Governor has been named as a suspect, cannot leave the country and is now at the mercy of the Indonesian court system.

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA: I believe I am not guilty, that's why I prefer to bring it to the court.

If we bring it to the court, everybody will see the evidence. Everybody will see the video and people will realise.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: So this is political? This is a political campaign against you?

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA: That's why I need to go to court to prove that this is political not the law.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: And who's funding it?

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA: I don't know, I really don't know. But I believe the President knows from the intelligence. I believe they know. it's not easy, you send more than 100,000 people. Most of them if you look at the news said they got the money 500,000 rupiah.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: This is about much more than just one man. It's a complicated web of religion, politics and race. And battle between moderate and hardline Islam.

Abu Jibril leads a radical Islamic group which played a key role in the November 4 protest. On the outskirts of Jakarta, he addresses an all-female study group. The message, for now, is clear and focused.

ABU JIBRIL, HARDLINE CLERIC: The Profit and the Koran were insulted by an infidel whose name is Ahok. I'm going to read you the verse so you understand why an infidel can't be a leader for people of faith. "All Muslims, don't you make the Jews and Christians your leader, they can be leader for their infidel community. Whoever amongst you makes an infidel your leader, then you will be included as an infidel".

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: We interviewed the Governor Ahok yesterday, we interviewed him, and he says that your protests are politically motivated, nothing more, that the protesters were paid 500,000 rupiah to turn up, is that correct?

ABU JIBRIL: God said that infidels are liars, infidels are hypocrites and liars. If Ahok really said that, he can be sued.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Jakarta's Chinatown is a bustling hub for ethnic Chinese Indonesians - a minority group. For many, they've experienced ethnic tensions before. In 1998, during the fall of Saharto - looting rape, murder - they thought they had left those days behind.

TRANSLATION: I felt anxious, a bit afraid, but I don't want to say anything about politics. We don't want to be in the spotlight again.

TRANSLATION: Yes, we're worried, we've had the 1998 experience, we're afraid. Everyone's being cautious, no-one is going out.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: 57-year-old Santoso Kurniadi, was there in '98, his business looted, his family feared for their lives. In Jakarta's Chinatown today, his clothing business thrives, but he can't hide his worry.

SANTOSO KURNIADI, BUSINESSMAN: The extremists have been given an ultimatum. We are brothers, all brothers, so what's the point of fighting each other?

The point is that if the extremists pass through here, don't bother them, they only pass through, there is no harm in it.

But if we do bother them, they'd be angry, saying, "This is not your country".

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Ahok has support beyond his fellow ethnic Chinese. He is popular among moderate Muslims, too - seen as an anti-corruption campaigner, ridding the city of slums and trying to tackle the imperfections of a chaotic capital.

He believes their support will take him all the way to the top.

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA: I believe this is the status quo, the corruptor strike back against me because I cut too much corruption in this city and this nation and they are afraid.

Maybe one day when they call us a minority I could be elected as a President.

This means we accomplish the roof, the topping.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Is that your end aim? To be President?

BASUKI "AHOK" TJAHAJA PURNAMA: Yes that is my aim one day.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: What do you think about a Christian, maybe, one day, being the President of Indonesia?

ABU JIBRIL: If Ahok doesn't get the punishment he deserves, not according to the demands of Muslims, then Muslims will get angrier and when they get angrier, we don't know what will happen.

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